(46th) Ackerman Reunion Saturday August 1, 2020

We will again hold it at the

Morton United Methodist Church
402 N Tennessee Avenue
Morton, IL 61550
It is on  a Saturday again this year.
Gather at Noon... Eat at One!

If you have any questions or address updates email with "Ackerman Reunion" in the subject line
or call or text (253) 939-8070 and ask about the reunion

Pictures from 2018 Reunion are here.

Welcome to the 

Christian Ackerman Sr. 

Anna (Belsley) Ackerman 

web page. 

 No you can't send them email (technology has it's limits) but we are trying to keep their memories alive and their descendents in touch and appreciative of the rich heritage they have in the Ackerman/Belsley name.

Anna & Christian Sr. were born in the early 1800s and have over 2000 descendents  (counting marriages)
stretching down 8 generations.

Anna Belsley & Christian Ackerman.
Picture taken in late1800s

We used to keep track of their descendents at the Ackerman Family reunions
on color poster board that looked like this

but we're a little more sophisticated now.


Click here to see the LINKABLE Chart (Better..with pictures)

This site will be developed over time to include more of the descendents and the stories of the families.. but for now you can read up on these previously published stories.

Ackerman What does it mean & Ackerman History       by Eliza Ackerman
The Ackerman Centennial Farm      by George Ackerman
Christian Ackerman Sr.    by Sam Ackerman
Evans Corner & the beginning of Morton  Author unknown
The 1884 Cider & Sorghum Mill Explosion  Author unknown
1908 Funeral Notice of Mrs Mary (Gerber) Ackerman  Author unknown
1903 Obituaries of Christian Ackerman Sr and Anna (Belsley) Ackerman  Contributed by Roberta Beutel from copy of Newspaper articles.
Ackerman Anabaptist History  Chris Ackerman with extensive unashamed plagiarism from the Belsley research.
Early Ackerman and Illinois History Chris Ackerman with extensive unashamed plagiarism from the Belsley research.
Challenge of Tracking Early Ackermans, Relatives and keeping all the names and dates straight.
Belsley Connection from Anna's side that takes us back to 1747
Rassi Connection from Mary Ackerman Rassi's side  by  Gary Rassi    and here's the directory for the GED files
Jacob PDF  Showing the Jacob side of things from Christian (3rd Generation)
Marching to Zion (Apostolic Christian) Ackerman History  Page158    Page159    Page160   Page161    Page162    Page163    Page164  
Elected Ackermans.  To show we are represented?
Oral History of Illinois Ray Ackerman & John Ackerman interviewed (New as of 2010)
1977 Morton Centennial Farm Stories   
1977 Morton Centennial School Stories   
Understanding Terms:  When are you my 2nd cousin and when are you my 1st cousin once removed?  

Christian's older brothers Citizen Ship Papers 1890  

Story on Christian Ackerman being called Christian OConner in Amish Mennonite in Tzwl Country writeup  

Anna Belsley & Christian's Marriage Certificate  

    If you have questions or comments send them to  

And why is this website at instead of just
Short answer:   Because we Ackermans are cheap... errr...frugal.. and proud of it! 
Longer answer: Same as the short answer but add that we can do it for free at Chris' website.  HALLAN is an internet development company Chris keeps other things at for free and the HALLAN name is a combination of LeAnn & Chris' 3 kids  1st 2 initials of first child HAnnah, Middle two of next child hoLLy and last 2 of 3rd child christiAN.  There ya' go!

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